Thursday, April 26, 2012

nothing exciting Thursday morning.

Sometimes closing shifts come in very handy when you need a morning to catch up. I have felt so non stop this month that I don't feel up to much once I'm home from work. Especially this week, I was a very bad repeat offender of blowing off the gym 3 times. This morning N poked and pried me while he was up and getting ready early to teach a science class, to get my butt out of bed and let him drop me off at the gym.
How can you be mad at that?
Regardless, I still rolled out of bed totally grumpy and whined all the way through getting dressed. Even in the car. (I'm a whole lotta fun sometimes.) But once I got in and saw the track was completely empty .. it felt soo good to lose myself in my run for a half hour.

I knew you'd have a hard time believing I actually got my butt up, so I had to have proof ;)

After the gym, I hopped on my bike and cruised home. 
Seriously, what the hell? Who would drive this :)

It was so warm on my walk home, for a split second it made me miss college seeing every one walking to class a little happier than during the dreary winter semester days. But then again - screw school :) I'll enjoy the beautiful summer weather without it! I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday let alone next week May! 

This weekend we'll be back in Broomfield for the last time this month, seeing family hopefully friends, and moving some final belongings up to Fort Collins. Fun stuff! :)

What are you up to this weekend?

xo . jess


  1. haha- good pic of the bike. who does ride that thing? i would crash that thing so fast :)

    when did you guys move to f.collins? i really haven't spent time there. do you like it?

    have a great weekend!

    1. the funny thing is, is that it's not that uncommon to see weird bikes like that in Fort Collins! Weirdoos :) but at the same time, kudos because I would be like you! Crashing into everything.

      We moved last December 2nd, right before Christmas. I love it up here. It's much different now, in a good way, .. I really like living and working here even better than when I was a student here. It's very down to earth, outdoorsy, and a beautiful town.

      thank you - happy weekend to you!

  2. Oh my! What a bike.

    Your sunnies look awesome, by the way

    1. Thank you :) ! I scratched them a bit, 5 min after getting them but I love em.
      Happy weekend.