Monday, April 30, 2012

Spunky Mondays.

Happy Monday Ladies 
            & Gents!!

The weekend was good to me so I have high expectations for this week. I feel a little re energized motivated for the summer to get here (be here!). I sat myself down last night and scribbled dates, times, and agendas in my planner that made the procrastinator in me feel very intimidated :) No way I'm missing any chores, errands, and events when I'm this thorough. Now if I can just get a hang of this keeping in touch thing a bit better. That's my next plan of action. It's going on my agenda!

For now, keep Monday spunky people. With nails like this, for example. Don't listen to the person that mocks you "oooh how looks like you have band aids on your fingers!!" .... screw off lady it's cute. didn't you get the memo?

If you're experiencing a nasty case of the Mondays...turn this up loud during your lunch break and dream yourself out of that sticky office place.

Go kick some Monday butt
xo . jess


  1. hahaha. I love the nails! so cute :)

  2. Cute polka dots! You totally have the long, slender 'Rankin' fingers....we Rankins have pretty hands (o;

  3. Thaaank you! the other thing that is really bizarre that I have noticed handwriting and the way I write certain letters, looks just like yours! :P

  4. I'm so sorry...I have terrible handwriting! heehee :p