Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 12: the curling stick. 

Welcome to my official weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Today will be my first every product post. I'm sorry to admit that I did not find the time over the even more shameful half weekend off I enjoyed, because I was too busy filling it with funness. Not that making tutorials isn't fun, but summer is almost gone and as much as I'm cheering it's goodbye to welcome everything fantastic about the fall season, I can't help but want to squeeze in as many hot summer days as possible. Maybe a little cold feet of what the fall season will bring? We shall see. 

A lot of you wonderful followers whether through blogger or facebook etc make me feel so special when you email me with questions, comments, and raves. And lately a recurring question has been what that thing is that I use to curl my hair. Well fasten your seatbelts kids cuz today you're gonna learn all about the 
the curling stick.

A few months ago I saw another blogging using this crazy curling iron to give her long amazing hippie locks the coolest curl. So of course I had to have this device and that's when I discovered curling my entire head of hair in less than 10 minutes; hiding every bad version of bad hair day in minutes; curling every type of curl from 1 inch to long loose beach waves..all with this crazy looking thing! 

It's as simple to use as a curling iron. Instead of having a clamp to hold your strand in place, you can wrap each strand of hair every which way you want which gives you different types and tightness of curl, and you definitely don't get shirley temple curls. Why does the picture picture a sexy single glove? That's because this thing can get a little hot (superfreakingcrazyburnshot!!) and so each curling stick comes with a fancy little protector glove :) 

If you want to order the tool of magic right this minute just go here.

Or just remember to stop by Target where I found mine and look for the 
Remington Salon Collection
Ceramic Curling Wand

The small/medium size I use can be found in store other sizes can be found on Target.com


My procrastinating self has to jet off to work now! 
xo . jess


  1. I have one of these, although I've only used it once or twice so far. It just takes me so long, but I do love the results!

  2. ahh i just bought one, and burned the crap out of my arm/hand. i suck at using the glove! love the wand!

  3. I actually burn myself way more when I'm using it on someone else instead of myself. I did give myself a gnarly neck burn at the beginning of the summer. It was so bad :P oh what we go through for beauty ladies! :) thx for the loove.