Sunday, August 07, 2011

Would You Like Some “Catch up” With That?

Alright, so I am only a week into my relaunch and I lose my internet half way through! It’s okay. I can manage. This week wasn’t too exciting anyway. Although, I’m always quite amazed at the picture story that comes out of my phone’s “camera shots” album every other week or so.

I was preparing some things for this week’s Hair Too(s)day and knew I needed some pictures off my phone from a good month ago. So I connect my computer, pull up my Picasa and watch the slideshow of pictures appear on my screen only to find a treasure of postable pictures. HOLLAAAA!!! J

We felt bad for skipping the gym so we went for a walk before dinner and (ROGUE SHARKS!) àwe were obsessed with Shark Week this week for those of you who don’t follow my rambling twitter feed. Birry showed up early enough and so he came too.

Since I prefer the snail pace I might as well keep myself entertained with Colorado’s crazy clouds, rainbows, and sunshine.

Backyard jungle over here.


Who can resist a bundle of wild Sunflowers??

I looked like a hippy.

This sassy ass girl, also known as my very blonde sister in law (I’m pretty sure she’s not blonde anymore though :P), turned 18 years old. Little legal girl. So what do Italians do when it’s someone’s birthday? They go and eat pizza.

Why the random drive way pictures you ask? Well, it just so happened that it was also N’s mom’s birthday who gets a call 30mins before we were headed off for dinner, asking to be interviewed by Fox31 on the stock market crash from earlier that day. Sooo dinner got delayed, we got antsy, and screwed around in the driveway. Just look at the picture of Julie. Silly girlJ The italiano’s are one entertaining family!

I worked late and we both came home pooped. 

I learned that it is possible to get a sunburn working retail. Just work an outside jobfair with no tent in the direct sunshine from 10-5pm. That was a fun day. Just look at this super sexy picture of me.

I think I was asleep standing up.

We attempted our walk but only made it to the park to throw Oli some balls.

And made it home before this guy faked us out and pulled completely north of us. Ooh Colorado weather.


Since I’m posting to you from guest internet (I know I’m that committed right now) I will try my best to report on all the funness from my day off today (booyah!) which we will be spending again at the italianos’ house (my inlaw’s) to recelebrate the birthday of ms. Mikayla and Terri with of course, more family! J Oh yes, it will be a wine filled Sunday everyone!

Happy Weekend!
xo . jess


  1. love all the photos lady! Looks like great fun :)

  2. Love your photos! they're great.

  3. You are back! I hadn't checked in a while because I noticed your absence. I think the hippy look is working for you.
    I love the photos of the big, Colorado sky. Very pretty.