Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 11: the messy sidebun

Welcome to my official weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Alright, this is becoming more like hair Wednesday..but yesterday I didn't realize how pooped I was from the last 5 days of work and not only did I pass out cold before 10pm last night, I proceeded to oversleep the work meeting I had this morning (but that could be blamed on the failed alarm) - still - and have been wanting to relax and have comfyness all day. 
So after the failed work appearance, it was german breakfast time and of course 2 big cups of coffee..a shower and quick trip to Target (which turned up pretty unsuccessful) so planning, a little nap even, and now 

it's hair too(s)day time!


This week I received a very special request from my dearest *schwesterherz
for a very special 'do. So am I super excited to be posting my first request 'do! Please know you're always welcome to send me any kinds of pictures, questions, or thoughts on 'dos or styles and I'd be happy to tutorial, try, and experiment!

the messy side bun: a la Julie's request

what you need:

1. Straightener/Curler
2. Comb
3. Pins
4. Hairspray of choice :)

What you do: 

I still haven't fixed my computer so I'm sorry that I can't talk - but I can play you music for some reason! Excuse the lame Pandora commercial, enjoy my computer almost dying mid video and me frantically plugging it in, and make sure you get your bobby pins ready. Not like me who's scrambling to find the right sized towards the end of the video. Just know that I am working on the improvement of my videos ;)

Now who's got the cuter sidebun?

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday/Wednesay. I'm headed to the Rockies' game! Woop Woop!


xo . jess

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