Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair Too(s)day.

Volume 10:the messy pony 

Welcome to my official weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Alright ladies, this week I'm gonna pull a quickie on you. I spent the entire morning putting this together and mama's gotta get dressed for work! (I know - not your fault I'm queen of procrastinating but whatev)

This week we are going to learn the messy ponyyy! woop woop (wouldn't I be the coolest teacher)

What you need
1. A curling iron or stick (my favorite tool in the hairworld!)
2. A comb or brush - nothing that will make your hair frizzy - just to comb out knots. 
3. Hair ties. (I've recently discovered the tiny gummy hair ties - they work wonders!! (If you're fortunate enough to have medium thick hair they really give you play room with your do. And also - no pony tail headaches!)

What you do
I apologize but the microphone still isn't working on my computer so the video is nice and silent so I suggest you turn on some tunes while you watch. 

1. Comb your hair out. Knots are never fun.
2. Start with getting your bangs prepared. Or the hair that will be loosely framing your face. Curl the locks backward, away from your face. They'll stay there all day - out of your face. 
3. Give your ends all over a good curl. I'm only showing you the fast track version in the video to keep you from falling asleep ;) I went back and curled all of my ends pretty decently. Always mess with your fingers to give it a messy look!
4. Slightly part your hair where you will be leaving fringe in the front out. Work your hair to the back of you head in the direction of the ponytail. (this is something my sister taught me) 
5. Wrap a hair tie around your fingers before you start to loosely gather your hair for the pony tail. Don't make the gathering perfect - this will allow for a loose messy pony look - and simply wrap the hair tie once you have it gathered in the place you want it. 
6. Once you secured the hair tie loosely grab ends and tug for support and of course - messyness! :) 
7. Fix, primp, and check for last minute needs to curl and tadaaa! Enjoy your sexy pony girls. 

*tip of the week*
When I'm in a hurry and it happens to be a morning I had to plan on washing and therefore styling my hair, it's hard to let my hair air dry just a bit before styling, which can risk frizz or a limp do'. When I don't have enough time to give my air drying time, I will work in my product of choice (whether you're straightening, volumizing, or curling) while my hair is still decently damp and wrap it (loosely!) back up in a towel - this is where those fancy hair towels come very handy! - and let the towel soak all left over moisture from my hair for me while letting the product work itself into my hair. Maybe there's not much sense behind it, but I swear it's never left me with a stubborn set of hair to style! So to recap: 
eins. apply product to damp locks. no matter the product. 
zwei. loosely wrap hair in dry towel. (try to avoid the towel you just showered in ;))
drei. leave hair wrapped while you finish your make up, pack your lunch, or whatever the heck else you can kill time with. 
vier. style like normal.


xo . jess  

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