Saturday, August 27, 2011

little neighbor.

On Friday morning I noticed we had a little visitor that had made himself an overnight stay in between our screen and window.

I know. Iiiew a mouse!! But c'mon. I don't think any living thing could possibly be ugly or gross in baby form. Alright maybe spiders. And frogs. Okay you get what I mean! There's no way this thing was gross and we of course could not let him be stuck in the basement window shaft. Let alone squished in the window like this. 

And by me I mean N. 

We waited until the little guy had woken up and came out from between the screen and window. Once he was chillin on the newspaper in the sunshine, N scooped him out! 

So we set him on the other side of the fence, where N had released his 2 siblings Thursday morning. 

Look how little he is!

Like a golf ball. 

Then the little guy he decided he was gonna take a walk. 

yes of course I said "awwwwww" :)) he's freaking cute people. And our fence is really high so I was hanging over the top of the wall hence the little girl voice. I was in a little squished position. 

So the little shit head decided to crawl right back under the fence and chill in the warmth of the ac unit. 

(sorry for the super annoying ac unit noise!)

say what you will this guy was so cute. we found him a better place to hide after and haven't seen him or his siblings since but I'll keep you updated on my mouse adventures. :) 

I gotta jet off to work for the rest of the afternoon/night. Might possibly stop to have drinks with Jenna & her girls on the way home and am already looking forward to share my thrift finds with you tomorrow, and cheer on my brother Ty and his soccer team in the afternoon!

Hooray for work free Sundays!

xo . jess

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