Sunday, August 14, 2011

Confessions and Church Clothes

I should confess to you that unfortunately I won't have any updates to post on my thrifting. Actually, while I'm coming clean..I won't have any shopping posts to share from the summer or for the next month or so. N and I decided that we are both in need of serious new wardrobes. I of course have taken this to a whole other level than just buying some new clothes. :) C'mon, it's me here.

Don't get me wrong I only buy the things I love and even when I take them to sell, thrift, or give them away I still love them - I just change my style. A lot. And this time I feel as if I've grown up in my fashion confidence slightly and I'm really looking to revamp myself just a little bit. Grow up in my style just a bit. :) And since my love for thrifting goes both ways, if I have something hanging in my closet that I just don't wear month after month, I start to feel guilty, because no matter how much I love something, it doesn't mean I'll end up actually wearing it. And if I love something but won't wear it, I'd much rather pass it along or put it out there for the person that's going to love it and wear it to find - and I get to replace the empty hanger with something I love and will wear. 
Hopefully :)

And because I won't deny that I was actually less useless than a couch potato yesterday after we came home from my brother's soccer game (after we had spent the morning in the Springs which required getting up at 3:30am) I have no problem admitting that I laid around in my bed online shopping the shit out of h&m. And since we are only +weeks+ away from the very first h&m to open here in Denver (and I have front row seats to the whole show from my store's entrance) I need to start gathering inspiration for this

*brand new wardrobe*

(excuse me a sec - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I'm quite excited.)

Here are a couple of my must haves I've bookmarked so far. (Oh H&M, you cannot open soon enough!)
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blouses, sweaters & everything comfy:  

mhh..skinny jeans and boots for a weekend with N ♥ 

I owned a grey pair last season and can't wait to have these ones!

how else do you survive weekends without boyfriend jeans?

my addiction for high waisted shorts simply carriers over to jeans. 

dresses & skirts:

you know you always buy two colors of something you really love. 

to me this cut of jean skirt is classic. I've been out on the lookout for one of these for years. 

vests & jackets: 
I'm already itching to bring out my vests from last season. 

I live in Colorado. Down vests are your best friends girls. 

I have collected 12 blazers. They're always going to be a must have for me :)


shoes:{total image fail I know}
I must have a pair of Oxfords this season. 


what are you adding to your fall must-have list?


xo . jess


  1. exciting! I love love it all! My favorite is all the lovely dresses :) Happy Sunday

  2. Love a good blazer. I've been looking for new boyfriend jeans lately, but without luck. Hopefully with the fall stuff coming in slowly, I'll be able to find a cheap pair!