Monday, August 01, 2011

Riding in cars with boy.

Happy August! 

I'm really excited the end of summer is nearing! I'm sorry for all of those going back to school (I've got my own battles to fight there) but the fall should be bringing exciting new things and events and I can't wait! I'm over summer. It was not fun hot and I went through 2 and a half umbrellas (Welcome to Colorado, monsoon season!) and I worked. A lot. 

Thankfully, we are not total summer bums and I can't deny that the summer had quite its' good moments...and plus - you can have the best car photo opps with N. 

we're pretty infamous for them.
 (just look at how many times my facebook profile picture is of us in a car :P )

he steels hat. 


what's a car photo session without a good self portrait, right?


** don't forget - last month of summer people! 
got any plans to go out with a bang? **


xo . jess 

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