Sunday, August 28, 2011

summer to go.

The weekend felt long and enjoyable. And being off Friday and Sunday made The Saturday from Hell at work much more manageable. And forgettable. Especially after today's hot summer Sunday afternoon.

If you caught my Friday post, you know that I promised picture sharing time before the end of the weekend of my finds at the thrift store. (Yeah so you've probably started the new week already but you know the weekend is still fresh in your mind. So let me kill some of your Monday morning blues by picture sliding you through my weekend + share with you my thrift finds!

fabulous saturday.

+ this cute little pants of sass stayed the night at the house and was complete with french braid pigtails, sun tan lotion, and sunglasses fabulous before 9:40am.

+ After lounging the morning away I found myself in a work chaos disaster most of the evening. Which I then danced away for a spontaneous night out with Jenna and the girls*

summerfun Sunday. 

it was a french toast kind of morning. 

got sweet and sweaty cheerin' on at Ty's soccer game. 
(chowed down almost an entire bag of the best grapes I've had all year)

Oh my talented brother. 7 - 0 you show off kids. 

Had a little (one legged) visitor take some shade in my half tent. He was kinda cute until he tried to crawl into my tote and I had to kick him out. Gently of course. The poor guy already only had one leg. 

And now :) my thrift finds from Friday! It wasn't much, but I count myself very successful. I got 5 items which is in itself a good find. And all pieces are fairly unique and quite the staple items. A perfect start into the fall thrifting season I'd say :) 

thrifting treasures:

I have been dieing to have a denim vest in my wardrobe. I've recently discovered that I have a love affair with vests. I have the most random pieces. And I decided to keep my eye out for great finds to widen my collection. 
Brand: Levi's
Size: small
Price: $4.99

 This poncho is an item that I'm loving more and more just knowing it's in my closet waiting for the warm weather to bring those cooler Colorado falls days. At first I saw it and thought it was at least worth trying on. Then as soon as I put it on in the fitting room - even paired with the magical Banana Republic boyfriend jeans I found - I knew I would regret passing it up. 
Brand: anu
Size: small - medium
Price: $3.99

Yes..unfortunately for you I was so in love with the above mentioned lightwash boyfriend denim jeans I found for $9.99 that I not only wore them to work the next day but straight out to the bar afterward with the girls. So they are already on their second cleaning. But trust me when I say they fit like magic pants. 

Lastly I found these fantastic totes. The basket tote on the left reminds me of the one my mom carried around when I was a kid. Also something I've already used several times over the weekend. The second has a fun printed plastic inner lining which will be perfect for toting around hair and make up products. 

Brand: unknown
Size: medium bag
Price: $3.99

Brand: Jane Maryl
Size: large bag
Price: $2.99

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Summer is fading fast and although it seemed sort of a stressful season this year, we had some great weeks, trips, and days. We have the fortune of getting to look forward to one more camping trip back at Red Feather's mid September. A little family vacation mixed in with celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. 

Have a happy Monday lovelies! 
xo . jess

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  1. love the woven bag and the poncho! good finds!!