Wednesday, September 07, 2011

post it.

alright loves. it's been a week. well, not even technically - actually, nope tomorrow it will mark a week of these crazy last 7 days of September. a week that completely knocked me on my ass. even topped it off with a (dontholdyourbreath) great morning at work - felt totally accomplished, on top of it - only for mr. boss to come and spill my milk.

So in one sentence, you have missed my mother's 50th birthday celebrations, lazy days with N, and a whole lotta work piled into 3 short days and if I'm honest with myself you will also miss our good high school friends' wedding on Saturday before you hear from me again. (Maybe I'll squeeze in some quick blanks) But hey, look on the bright side. You get to look forward to some goodies.

So for now, I'm taking you loves, putting your name on a post it and sticking you on my to do board. you've been posted.

xo . jess

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