Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekenders.

I can't wait till the day N and I finally have weekend free jobs. We hate working weekends and waiting every week for the "which days do I have off next week? Do we have any together? What errands can we do on what day??" gamble. It sucks. And it's just simply a shame, because N and I are pretty good weekenders.

We don't sleep too long. We always make a yummy healthy breakfast with way too much coffee. Waste half the morning talking about the most random things on the kitchen counters drinking our 2nd cups of coffee, in the bathroom, in the shower, when one's done before the other, even while one is brushing their teeth. We are always talking. Then we always do something fun followed by splurging on lunch. Coming back home for an afternoon nap or quickie session of Left for Dead 2 :P Oh yea,..we love to shoot zombies. :)) And then either one of us goes to work or we hang out with friends in the evening.

I'm telling you. Weekdays off are so wasted on us Weekender pro's.

Saturday was the only weekend day we had off together, so we had a simple one day weekend. During which we of course had to go to Noodles & CO :D. 

N was making funny faces with his lips :P but check out this awesome camera phone from my new evooo!!! :D I love it soo much! 

Mac & Cheese and Parmesan Chicken deliciousness!!!!! :D I didn't eat the rest of the afternoon. 

Then my husband takes me next door to stop into Game Stop real quick and we leave with a shiny pearl pink Nintendo DS for me :D :D I was 11 years old all over again :) I LOVE it :P 
So we of course went home, lazied in bed, and both played DS :P Here is N blowing into the microphone to win some mini game while playing Ratatoullie :P 

Then my amazing mommy bought me these beautiful, flawless, so amazingly comfortable, vintage looking wedges! I should go back and get a second pair, because I will wear these every day until they fall off my feet. 

And then I received another gift during this weekend of gifting. This stunning (!) bath cap from my beloved Bev!! :D Thank you!!!!

xo . jess


  1. I would hate to work weekends. Actually I have work Saturdays but only for half the day, I get the morning shift. Left for Dead 2?! I play with the boyfie too. I love me some zombies. =)

  2. You sound like you had an awesome weekend! Haha, that's cool that he got you a DS. ;) I love Ratatouille, btw. ;D

  3. It sucks pretty badly ChinkyGirlMel :) I can't wait for the day!!! Yeaa go gaming girlfriends :P