Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Are Friends For?

Quite a bit if you ask me. They laugh with you and cry with you. Gossip and share stories with you. Be there for you when you need em and suggest to go out to sushi and drinks when you were needing it the most. But one of the best and funnest things about your girlfriend, is the fact that you can share clothes. :)

My friend J has the best style - always so J.Crew hippie chic mixed with vintage class a trip to her closet would be an entire year's worth of amazing blog posts :)) And because she's such an amazing friend she let me borrow a couple of her dresses from her exquisite collection for N's cousin's wedding this Saturday. A couple of days ago I decided on one of the two for the wedding and can't wait to post about it come Sunday. But I was sort of dieing to somehow wear both! So today, thinking of my dear friend J while seeing it hanging beautifully on the wall "spotlight" wall of my closet, I decided I'd accessorize it cute and wear it to work with a pair of flats!

Thank you J for your impeccable style and for letting me borrow these dresses!

Excuse the weird lazy hair style. I'm in that awkward "growing out" phase and I just let it go after showering today. 

Outfitted with my grey rose patterned tights, 
brass silver waist belt with bow to add extra girliness, 

cream cardigan, and three favorite wrist accessories: thick pearl bangle, grey and gold charcoal leather bracelet, and MK copy gold watch (I'm saving for a real one, ok?), 

and because this 70 degree Colorado weather is too warm for a jacket, my favorite thick scarf to keep my neck outdoors warm (I still have no voice from being sick - the raspy old man voice is definitely, sexaaay). 

Thank you J. Happy Thursday!

xo . jess


  1. Friends also find money and then split it with you ;-)

  2. I kinda love that dress and your blog! So cute.