Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Decal.

So..if any of you have peaked on over to my little tumblr. lately you know I love to take pictures of my outfits but don't like to make my blog too "fashion amateur" heavy :P because sometimes I can wear some really weird things and I'm no where near as good as other great vintage inspired, unique styles, and accessorizing blogs out there!

But..just because I couldn't get over how adorable this outfit was, I have to share it with you! No..it's not me. :) that sounded pretty selfish :P But this weekend at my cousin's wedding, his sister - also my cousin :) - showed up in the cutest vintage inspired outfit, I didn't have a choice but to corner her, snap a couple quick shots, and share it with you!

So my beautiful red headed cousin tells me that she had nothing to wear to her brother's wedding and called up her dear friend, who turned around found her this adorable, chic and vintage dress from a garage sale. A little TLC and she pulls off this adorable number. 

I was literally drooooooling over these shoes. I was staring at them, aaall night! 

It had the cutest little gold broche in the front, and the ruffle is so flattering and feminine. 

My favorite was without a doubt, the black flower detail delicately placed all over the dress. 

xo . jess


  1. love this blog. i love you cousin Jess! Thanks for appreciating my dress and i hope all your followers like it.

  2. i LOVE this dress. i would totally wear it. i have a really similar top (same ruffle, same embroidered flowers, but it's gray) from anthropologie that i got on super sale. i do like ruffles. i do not like anthropologie prices, however.