Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekends Are For Relaxing, Right?

I could seriously get used to this my friends. Although, I have to say off the bat that having weekends off is kind of a sneaky thing if you ask me. We came back from celebrating the wedding around noon today only to make a quick stop at home to freshen up and head over to meet my family to celebrate my little brother's 13th birthday! We tried to nap when we got home, but with my cough I can't shake from last week, only mr.ray got about 30 minutes of shut eye. Then I'm sitting here tonight after N had gone off to work, feeling guilty that I hadn't unpacked my bag, started laundry, or even played with the thought of cleaning anything (like the bathroom!) when I realized that weekends are tiring!! I have been going non stop since last Monday! And the shitty thing is, that tomorrow is already Monday again and I'm even more exhausted than I was on Friday!

Alright..let me get off my rantbox for a second - I don't want you to start thinking that I didn't have a good time this weekend. I'm just trying to convince myself of my excuse for sitting on the couch for 4 entire hours tonight, not moving unless to get more yogurt, water, and my sister's DS that I still haven't returned (!) and not. doing. anything. It was so fantastic. :) Now, you have to understand that there's something very weird about me and that is that I like to organize the weeeeirdest shit sometimes; including this weekends adventures. **Warning** This post is a bit photo heavy. But I don't care. :)

The Wedding
my favorite part about having in.laws...

these. three. freaks. 

♥ the Longo Family ♥ 

showin' off our pearly whites

the conga line for an entry dance: amazing!

The Italianshkabobs as boutonniere (<-- that's right, I Googled it.) for Vincent.   

My favorite pic of the weekend. 

cupcake nerds. 

the new and improved DellaRossa/Longo cousins. Where's Dewie?? Megan, we're gonna need another picture!!! :D (sorry, I couldn't resist but ye haad to be there!)

how stunning is this blonde? I ♥ her

Literally 5 minutes before the cake cutting Megan asks us in passing "Should I shove it in his face?" ""hell yea"" Julie & I reply in unison. 

Then I realized she was my new favorite cousin in law. 

How freaking adorable, are they?

sweet girl ♥ 

uh oh. 

Show us what you got, Dane!


sweet love. 

Cutest all asymmetrical dress (the dress even gathered off center on her back) I have ever seen which looked stunning on her. 

The Aftermath
most amazing continental breakfast, ever. I got my hungover butt out of bed so quickly for this. The best bagel I've had in a really long time, completed with Philadelphia creme cheese and Pure Honey, black coffee & creamer, a hard boiled egg, and a small bowl of crunchy flakes with skim milk for cereal. It. Was. Delicious. :)

There's Dewie! The coolest 17 year old boy with the cutest hair. 

Julie, basking in the amazingness of her breakfast. :) Oh ya. She was just as excited. 

We wouldn't be complete without our White Chocolate Mocchas. Extra hot ;)

At the Starbucks in Woodland, Colorado the baristas, instead of drawing their names, drew adorable cartoon figures of themselves accurate with hair color, length, and style. 

My baby brother the Teen. 
These 13 year olds. Like feed like animals. 

And are soooo interesting. 

Where did you make room for that giant hot brownie and healthy slab of vanilla ice cream, AFTER you just devoured bbq wings, ribs, aaaand fries??? Oh yea..during that casual soccer session with your boi hector across the field, after you'd already played and won two soccer games earlier that day!!

I love you and your cheesy smile when you still pose for a picture with me instead of giving me an annoyed look :) 

food coma. 

I know. It was an amazing weekend. I have one more specialty from this weekend coming to you tomorrow night :) Check out my favorite outfit of the weekend that I loved so much I had to capture it and post about it here to you (grab yourself a sneak peak on my brandspankin' new tumblr) For now, goodnight, goodnight my lovely kids :) I'm actually falling asleep as I'm ttyping. 

xo . jess 


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. :D
    Okay, so... I just had to tell you this. The other night, I had a dream that I met your husband. How COMPLETELY wierd is that? I was like... "um, what?" when I woke up. Hahaha. Just had to share that.

    PS: He was nice. :D

  2. Thanks Britt, it was a blast :)haha that is too funny! I have suuper weird dreams too sometimes, about people I know "about" but have never actually met :P Glad he was nice!