Tuesday, March 01, 2011

No Need to "Take" I'll go Willingly! :)

I hope you kids enjoy my *spring* inspired new headerrrr. You know me, love to keep things fresh. And I'm really sorry, especially for those new followers of mine, first off THANK YOU :) for the lovin' and followin'. Tuesday's is usually super fun around here as I like to set that day aside to post my favorite HairToo(s)day tutorials and I have to ask you guys for just a 24 extension. Tomorrow I'll be on what feels like working 10 days in a row and I've been going to bed waaay too late and getting up sickly early the next morning, that I'm just beat. And even though i've got tomorrow morning off work, I've filled it back to back with dr's appointments that have been long over due..so I'll bring you guys a dr's note to excuse my absence, and promise to bring you funness and new fabulous idea of what to do with your hair on Wednesday (possibly even tomorrow late night?!)
and leave you tonight with the straight up tip, just gonna throw it out there, that if you're into a good fun shooting movie, a little guy weakness for you girls out there like me, hot hot hot boys and when I say boys I mean the adorable, kind of childish, yet so incredibly sexy (Hayden Christensen with sleeves, button down and bow tie and bowler hat..mh mh mh. And did I mention Paul Walker's Ray Bans?) TRUST. ME.

You're going to want to see this movie.

You can thank me later. Sorry for the rant. It's 12:57am. Oi. xo . jess

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