Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Aspen I

I know I know. I'm a faceofmyblogchangingwhore. I just love changing things, finding new backgrounds, creating new headers. Keeps it fresh! :P Okay, truth is, we all know I get super bored with stuff like that. I know I've blogged about it before - but I really like the way this one turned out so far, so expect for it to stay this way for awhile ;) 

I had planned this morning to get up at 7:30 to spend some serious time blogging with you, but unfortunately, my soft sheets and the ability to hit the snooze and actually stay in bed, got the better of me :) And so..two hours later with my time being a little more limited, a steaming cup of coffee and crazy ass hair (you should see it this morning!) I am ready to share more Aspen goodness with you! 

To start from somewhat the beginning, we spent the weekend at my friend Bev's parents house. They live in a little town right before Aspen and are the world's greatest hosts. Wine is always there for you, breakfast basically ready when you wake up, skiing 10 minutes away from their house, hot tubbing, and they take you to the *best* places to eat while you're visiting. It's all around fantastic! So up we went on Friday afternoon once we'd all made it through the day of work hopping from one foot to the other all day with excitement and made it safely through the snowy mountains by around 10pm. 

Next morning we got up and spent the afternoon skiing which we of course couldn't manage without showing some of our true colors to being girls :)...aka we each got whiny about something :P my mom with her dang asthma coughing up avalanches everywhere...Bev and her socks that were making her foot hurt, which we later realized that it was actually her dad's sock she was wearing - didn't feel good - and then the queen of all things dramatic, yours truly, decides she's going to get herself separated from the group and spends a good hour getting lost on Snowmass ski resort. :) Oh no..I'm not making anything up. But all things ended well and my wits and ability to hold back the tears of frustration while walking around a strange ski resort all alone paid off in the end and I found my group all on my own in the end :P No, I'm still not making that up. 

After our mountain adventures we returned to our beautiful private hotel, did I mention Bev's parents own a beautiful victorian home???, and dipped our sore butts in the hot tub, glasses of wine at the ready. Once we got ourselves all pruney and I myself a little tipsy (hey - hot tub + alcohol can through lightweights for a loop, okay?) we got ourselves presentable for the evening and headed into town to stuff our bellies at Smokey's: an amazing bbq restaurant! 

There was somewhat of a wait when we first got there so what better to do then snap some shots of us beautiful ladies? :) 

After the best bbq pork, chicken, and other goodies were devoured we politely ditched the fam and drove us ladies into Aspen to have a couple drinks. Regardless of the cold we trotted through snow to window shop a couple streets downtown, laughed, drank, and people watched some funky Aspengoers :) Saturday went by so fast and was filled with so much fun that we sort of forgot a little bit of everything around us, including to take lots of pictures :) But day two we were much better prepared and the day was even more fabulous. I'll be back tonight to share you the rest of the adventures, as well as give you lots of tips for shopping goodies if you ever visit Aspen! And of course I have to show you all the goodies I got myself :)
 For now I hope you have a wonderful hump*day and enjoyed my weekend rants. Leave it up to me to turn a weekend's trip into a week long series of posts :P I know, it's talent. 

xo . jess


  1. Sounds so fun! I'm jealous. ;)

    I gave you a blog award!
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  2. Okay I'm going to catch up on your blog tonight! hee hee after being called out on it earlier! I adore Aspen! It's so cozy yet ritzy yet quirky and fun! I'm glad you had a good time! Can't wait to see what gifts you got yourself! Aaaaand I'm having a wine and cheese party Saturday at my place at 7pm and I would LOVE it if you came, now that I know you're back in town! I'll text you about it :)