Sunday, February 20, 2011

Extra Corn, Please.

We all have our favss. That restaurant that you crave 50% of the week, and indulge every once in awhile, every other day, or possibly, if you're really bad..maybe even every day! Either way you'd be crazy not to crave this little place of heaven at least once a week! And don't even come to me with "ooh Qdoba is so much better!!" Because I'd say "ERRONEOUS! On both counts. The only thing Qdoba does do pretty well is their Chicken&Queso breakfast burrito. But the other 99% of the time, Chipotle remains my favorite place to eat in the whole wide world. I could most likely eat there every single day. And yes, most likely, I get the same thing..every. time. And so, because I think I'm just oh so freaking smart and cool and seem to love to take photo camera pictures of anything and literally, everything lately! (You should see this stuff I snap a picture of thinking "I'll post it on my blog!" get home and think "the hell am I thinking I'm not gonna post this on my blog!") 

I included a linky at the bottom of the post if you'd like to grab this fancy button, repost on your blog and linky up back here :) And I know, you're welcome..I'm craving it too now!! 

My Food
- Three soft flour tacos
- Black Beans
- Chicken (sometimes I'll get two chicken one steak :))
- Pico - those yummy juicy tomatoes :)
- Corn (only a little that shit is spicy!)
- Sour Cream
- little cheese :))

My Drink
- always a student drink - duh :) What's the advantage of having a baby face? People have no trouble believing you're straight from campus. 
- Half cup ice
- the tea they always have there. 
- One slice of lemon squeezed out and left in the drink
- One thing of Sweet & Low :) 
- stir and sip!!!!

voila. I'm now droooooling all over the keyboard and have a serious craving for something yummy. Adios. I'm finding me some food. 

xo . jess 

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