Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 7: romantic winter headband

Welcome to my  weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Hi kids, 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We made it safely back down from the mountains even though we were sad to leave Aspen. However, we can't deny that we made it just in time, because Denver Colorado is getting snowed in to it's little nose at this very moment. 

And I'm praaaying, for a snow day. 

I have some new fun things prepared for you this week and since I have decided to theme this week's posts all about Aspen I can't wait to get started with the first Aspen post :) aaaand since it's Tuesday and I've vowed not to miss another tutorial week it's an 
Aspen themed Hair.Too(s)day !!!

>>I'm also introducing a new fun thing I will do every other times..which is to feature other lovelies that have inspired me for hair do's. If you'd like to be featured as one of my guest inspirations email me or leave me a note in my comment box!<<

what you need:
- a thick, warm, knitted headband such as this ^ (I purchased mine at a hand made shop in Aspen over the weekend called misstyx. I've seen them sold however also at Target, Forever21, and other common retailers.)
- at least day old hair --> best hair for the perfect pony tail. 
- hairspray
- a hair tie
- bobby pins for too short hair loose pieces

what you do: 
- If you have bangs like me and you are following the "second day hair" instruction from above, give your bangs a little fix, smoothing, or quick refresher with the blow dryer (my most recommended). 
- Gently begin to gather your locks at the crown of your head. Don't make a super tight gymnastics girls pony tail. Let the texture of your hair give you the hold to create volume in your pony tail. 
- Inspect the ends of your pony tail - if my hair is curly, because of the shape of my hair cut, my pony tail never lays or "hangs" cute!? so I always touch up my ends with my curl stick or flatiron. 
- Once you've secured your pony and touched up the ends, pull it upward a little bit in a teasing motion to create messiness. Hairspray will help you hold on to that messiness. 
- My hair is still just a tad to short so I get fall out pieces in the back that I softly secure back up. (I hate when it's all pulled tight and you can see the bobby pin, so I always try to hide it good. 
- Make sure you're not pulling too tight so that you loose softness. I think soft, messy ponytails are so romantic and chic. 
- If you're satisfied, take your headband and slip it on from the back, gently placing it the way you want it on your head - especially if you have a flower like mine - and untucking your ponytail gently when you're happy. 
- Give the whole thing a little spray. 
- Pull and play with your bangs to keep it sweet and playful. 
- Voila..you've got yourself an adorable feminine look that will keep you warm on a cold winter's night out. 

Leave it to me to fall in something baby pink so much that I can't wait but to immediately wear it and pair it with my mint colored scarf. Could I be wearing anymore colors?

>>and now for the first time ever my first ever<<

kristy lynn schultz

about kristylynnschultz: 
We met when I lived in Michigan for a short period of time right after mr.ray and I got married and she became a friend I simply adored. The sweetest person with the biggest heart, amazing hair, and effortless style I could only drool over, I've ever met :)

why kristylynnschultz: 
Kristy was wearing this style back when I first met her in MI. I always adored it and never thought I could (nor did I try to) pull it off. I intend to copy Kristy's adorable unique twist of wearing hers like she does here. 

Kristy - I adore you so  and miss seeing you. Hope you don't judge me if I make an inspiration board of just you for myself. ;) xo , jess

Last but not least..in order to not overwhelm you with just a huge photo heavy post with pictures from Aspen, I'm including them pieces by pieces spread throughout this week's posts. 
These are of Bella and I after we'd slipped into our jammies after an amazing Italian dinner at Bella Mia in Aspen, and were goofing around on the floor in Lori's kitchen. I'm including these here, because you can see the way I styled my pony tail that day with my headband (minus the headband, of course).

Happy Hair.Too(s)day, hope you all enjoy. 
xo . jess


  1. Hello! You have an adorable blog! I stumbled on it & I am glad I did! I sell these knitted headbands on Etsy. My name is warmheartknits.etsy.com
    I love mix N matching, if you ever have any ideas shoot me an email @ warmheartknits@yahoo.com
    Nice to find your blog!

  2. i love those headbands. and you are so cute!!!

  3. thank you girls and welcome both of you! :) So glad to have you stop by. xo

  4. I have a headband like that in white that I got off an Etsy shop last fall! Love it!