Sunday, January 09, 2011

you are my sunshine.

This is long overdue, but I'm so excited that I'm taking the time to do this tonight. 

Can't complain that closing on a Saturday means getting home by 9:15pm, especially in retail. I felt weird at work today though, so a quiet evening in was perfect for tonight. Billy and I got to my house at the same time and the boys quickly threw in some pizzas and caught themselves up on Sports Center. 
I decided to make a detour upstairs for a bit to sit with my brother Ty. He was hanging out by himself propped up on his bed in the dark playing one of his Tony Hawk skating games. 

You have to understand one thing. I LOVE. MY. BROTHER. He is the greatest kid on the planet. He is so sweet, cool, loving, annoying, and hilarious. I LOVE our relationship. He is SO much fun. Being 11 years apart in age difference is the best part about it all. I always have an excuse to say that I love childish things because of my little brother, but in reality I love them only  because they always remind me of spending time with him. 

So I sit down on his bed, in his dark room, and watch him play is skating game for awhile. 
I have an epiphany for what I'm going to get him for his big 13th birthday next month :)
If you've ever gotten to watch your 13 year old brother play a skateboarding game, you know how hilarious it can be ;) I mean, have you seen the shit they can do? And the little skater guy on the screen looks EXACTLY like my brother. Hair color, straight leg denim, right down to the shoes. And of course (!) the same board he has in real life. 

t - wanna see some cool shit?
j - wow you can't do that in like real life can you?
t- mh. Rodney Mulan can. 
j - Who?
t- he's a legend!
j- oh ya.

j - is that what that guy can do?
t- who. 
j - that guy. 
t- {}
j- Who?? No. the other guy. 
t- oh. 
j- Rod Miller??
t- haha what? Rodney Mulan?!

t- haha!!! you couldn't have been any closer! Rod Miller. Rodney Mulan. haha!!

Spending your Saturday night rolling back and forth on the bed laughing so hard you're crying with your younger brother is pretty amazing. 

I can't wait to share with you my amazing idea for his 13th birthday next month :) It's going to be epic!





xo . jess


  1. Aw your brother is so adorable! Sounds like you have a really great relationship :) A few of my guy friends were playing a skate video game the other day, and even though I never play video games I decided to try it. It was actually pretty fun! Not something I would do on a regular basis, but I got pretty into it ha!

  2. How sweet :) I love my brother, too and I look forward to the day when he wants to spend time with me! haha. Guess that's the downfall to a 3 year age difference - he's too cool for me :P