Monday, January 31, 2011

Vomit & Aviators

I hope you kids had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty eventful, random, and wonderful. I can't believe it's already over - but so excited that it is, at the same time, because it's almost February, the girls weekend in Aspen is almost here, and my amazing brother is going to be 13 years old this month! 

But for now, let me recap the last weekend of January 2011.

I had the day off and even though I have no pictures to show you, it was one of the funnest days I've had in a long time. My friend J, whose wedding I'm in later this year, invited us 'maids to go to a bridal show with her later in the afternoon. Of course, that just meant for us that we could use the EARLIER afternoon to shop our faces off. :) Which we certainly did. We enjoyed yummy cupcakes & mimosas around 10:30am..letting off some quick steam about work and other stresses in our life, hit the road to visit the J.Crew outlet store only to continue to poke around in Francesca's and White Balcony downtown Fort Collins, all afternoon. We quickly regretted our afternoon lunch stop at Old C's when we realized how many food and dessert vendors there were at the bridal show. Nevertheless, we manage to make room for the things we simply cannot resist, washing it all down with free wine :)) it was pure fabulousness, let me tell you. The day wouldn't have been complete with typical girls car rocking to the music, and a hysterical yet ridiculous laughing session in the bathroom. There ARE pictures of this I will have to track down for you :)

Saturday was not so great. At first I thought my midnight sickness that kept me up most of the night was to thank for the schmorgesborg of food I devoured only a few hours before, but when *tmi!?* blood came into the picture I called out of work and headed to the urgent care. Will have to see a specialist either this or next week so tried to make the best of that, was able to keep some food down, and couldn't help but enjoy a short walk to the park across the street late in the afternoon with my mom and N. 

I'm basically wearing pj's - yet nothing a casual blue trench and blanket scarf can't hide. 

Spending some time together before mr.ray had to work. 

Sat in the car wash watching the cool silly string stuff get squirted on my car :) looked soo pretty and clean afterward. 

Got to have breakfast with N and felt significantly better. Enjoyed some of your blogs over coffee and had a quick inspiration for this week's Hair Too(s)day (if you follow me on Twitter). Had a good and quick seeming day at work and have only tomorrow to work - which I'm praaaaaying we get snowed in like crazy! - otherwise I will have Tuesday off again. But when the weather is still almost 72 degrees in this beautiful state in January.. how can you not love living here???

Happy Weekend
xo . jess

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  1. I'm so sorry you were so sick this weekend! That is awful! But, I am glad you got to wander around White Balcony, although I'm sad I didn't get to join you. lol. Continue to feel better, love!