Sunday, January 02, 2011

11 might be my new favorite number.

Before I share you with you how fantastical my weekend was, I have to completely absorb it's fantasticalness, and since the day isn't quite over, I have my fabulous New Year's Eve to share with you still. 


I feel a little that this year, everyone sort of did something along the lines of "staying in with small group of friends, drinking and some form of entertainment" and that is exactly what we did at my mom's house. 

Meryl & Bev made a fabulous dinner and had the fridge stocked full with yummy yummy wine and Champagne, N and Birry were off work sooner than we'd hoped and even our little Inchen came over to celebrate with us! So the six of us stayed inside (where it was warm!) drank wine and other fun things, played Scribblish & King's Cup (!haha!) and popped the bubbly at midnight!

the fabulous Meryl & Bev

they definitely heart each other :)

she's so fabulous and sassy!

the lovely kissy face sisters!

100% fabulous.

Bev is making salad Meryl! Don't interrupt. 

It's 9:30pm! How's all the wine gone??

The funniest game eveer! :P 

Bev's set for the evening! 

King's Cup :D

60 seconds until midnight and we realize we haven't popped the bubbly!! Good thing Meryl was on top of her game. 

Lite your sparklers :)

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011!


xo . jess

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