Monday, January 10, 2011


If you asked me what one of the best things of 2010 was, I would have to answer getting a job at F21. Oh no. Not because of their fabulous, fast fashion affordable prices and perfect haven for fashion lovers with a small wallet like me, but because I met my dear friend 

* J *

I ♥ her from the second she hired me. 2010 and my new life would not have been or be the same without her. She is such a special and still new friend - I am so glad to be back in Colorado! 
We're both busy girls and our schedules would never allow us to spend our weekends shopping, thrifting, coloring our hair, getting pedis, and eating sushi. 

A couple days ago this happened :D

So excited that Jessica said yes to being in my wedding..not that I gave her any option..haha can't wait to spend my special day with my great friends, Alison, katie and will be great!
January 5 at 8:16pm ·  · 

I would love nothing else but to spend your special day as such a special part!!!

Can't wait to recreate this picture at your wedding



xo . jess


  1. swell! : ) nothing more precious than being in a friends wedding!