Monday, January 03, 2011

Love Me Some Sundays

Well. So far this morning I've accomplished sleeping in until 10am (noo I still work today), catch up on all of your pretty blogs I follow, make a fat hot cup of coffee and even checked off my one "todo" thing for today. But since I love to move 3 miles an hour in the morning, I have wasted away pretty much all the time I had to lounge around and blog with you this morning. 
But since a lot of kiddos and peeps are going back to school, work, and so on after the holidays are officially over I will keep it short and sweet to catch the last bandwagon of "back to reality" this morning. Since I have off again tomorrow and N and I have a much needed day together planned, (PLUS it's hair too{s}day!) I can't really complain about working today, especially because we are back to our normal winter hours and close at 7pm which will put me home at around 9:30pm! HOLLA!! SO much better than 11:30/midnight! 

Yesterday, Sunday, my favorite day of the week, was pretty freaking fantastical. N and I slept in, showered and zoomed off to meet our in laws for brunch at the coolest place in Denver

They make all their own food and everything is organic and the inside is decorated so uniquely that you spend the whole time looking around at all the different things. The tiger was definitely my favorite :D

After deciding that we needed to have an Oscar movie night with our..siblingsinlaw (?!) that came as well Alaina & Phillip we headed back home where N actually got me to watch football with him and lounge around for a few hours before he had to go to work for a half shift. 

Fortunately, I looove me some me time and divided my 5 hours of no husband by making progress on my Seattle scrapbook I've had laying around for almost a year (!), blogged (made some serious changes - voila!) and drank myself almost 3 glasses deep with Champagne and scared myself a little reading The Historian. 
It's not really scary, just super eery I think (and oh so good!) and I can be kind of a baby :P 

Of course Oli loves any amount of time where it's perfectly quiet around the house and napped right next to me on the floor by the couch the entire time. :) We seriously have the cutest dog. 


If you had to "go back" today I hope you have/had a great new start! Happy Monday!!

xo . jess


  1. I did "go back" today! In fact, it is my first day! I'm on lunch break now, but I've never been so excited to go to work hahaha.

    I love reading your blog and seeing things from Denver. I may have already commented and told you about this, but I grew up in Highlands Ranch and my best friend lived downtown in Denver. I misssssssssss it!!!!!!!

  2. That cafe looks amazing! It's going on my list of places to go whenever I eventually visit CO :)
    thanks for sharing

  3. You're so welcome Nicole :) Maybe I need to come up with a segment just for you "days in denver" :) so you don't have to feel so homesick. Of course I know exactly where that is ;)
    We've been home for a little over a month and I still catch myself in the car just looving being home!
    Morgan..I'm thinking that segment might me something to your liking also :D