Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know. I owe you a fatty. I've failed you two weeks in a row. I feel muy muy mal amigos. (I've been practicing my Spanish, because we have the sweetest Spanish only speaking lady at work and we always laugh when we try to communicate to each other and she gets so excited when I try to talk Spanish). So - I feel terrible that I failed to post TWO hairtuesdays in a row. 

I owe you a big fatty next week. For now, I have a lovely collection of randoms for you tonight. 

This morning I could not not start my day without a searing fresh hot cup of java from goody thankgodIstillhavegiftcardsfromChristmas 


Unfortunately, the Starbucks that was on my way to my morning pedi (thank you new boss at work!) downtown Denver, is
so slow.
It's painful. So I'm sitting there, I've already placed my order but two cars in front of me the line has stalled and I haven't paid yet, so I'm in drive-through line limbo and since I'm not the next person up I don't really have to pay attention just yet on when to go. Well, of course I reach for my phone and start to peruse. And since I've sort of sworn off Facebook lately, I ended up in my Camera Shots album and found a shit ton of pictures I've taken over the weekend and forgot to share with you. 

I know (!), I dare I! So here we go. 

I hate when I forget to sneakily tuck my seatbelt under my arm when I'm taking car pictures. (Not that that makes it ANY safer to take pictures while driving. I honestly am usually stopped at a stop light when I take mine.)

You can see a little better in the first picture, but my hair is f.i.n.a.l.l.y. long enough for me to do Milk Maid Braids. This was Saturday  I think, on my way to work. I wore a sear sucker onesie with light grey patterned tights, my navy blue boyfriend blazer, and worn in dark brown motorcycle boots. Combined with my pearlcameolocket jumble of necklaces, it was the perfect girly yet sexy combo and the braids were the cherry on the top. :)


Sunday night, Oliver was staring at lights on the wall like this for hours!! It's so painful to watch him, but ever since we moved into the little studio basement of my mother's house, he's obsessed with staring at the ceiling and walls for reflections in our phones, computers, it's ridiculous. 


This was my idea for this week's Hair.Tuesday I think and I was in the mood to try photo instructions this time. 

I wanted to wear a headband this morning, but my hair wasn't staying tamed in anything I had and so I thought "Why not braid it the top of my head?" 

I played with it a couple times, left my bangs and loose ends out and it turned out adorable. 
(Sorry for the grungy white tank. I'm so weird, but I get back in my jammies if they're pretty clean to get ready after I shower :P)


And lastly, I give you this amazing lady. I went by her website tonight and spend a good two hours totally engulfed in how much I love her, adore her, and would love to be her :)

Happy Late Tuesday Night!

xo . jess

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  1. I always get back into my PJs after I shower...putting on my real clothes is the last thing that I do before I leave the house. :-)