Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blanks of 2011

1. New Year's Eve is (awesome/lame/other) other: just has a lot of pressure on it. This year I felt it was a mix between Halloween with all the musts for the sexiest outfit in below zero weather (but that could be me working retail) and like Lauren said, it's almost a contest to see who had a better NYE. 

2. Last New Year's Eve I celebrated at a small party with a great group of friends. We laughed, we drank, and we danced. It was fabulous!

3. My New Year's resolution is (on the spot) 1) embracing the positive 2) being my own best friend and 3) working hard.

4. The best way to spend NYE is (come back when I post last night's pictures tomorrow.) Instructions will be included. 

5. My prediction for an up and coming trend in 2011 is more crazy ugly things our daughters will scorn us for, just like we did our mother's when we were young.

6. This NYE I will (did) hang out at my mom's with delicious food, good laughter and board games. Duh. 

7. A fresh start is a process. 

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