Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Great {Date} Day

It was date day here today for mr. ray and the littms! We finally both had a day off together, which hasn't happened (as long as we can remember) since we were in Michigan. So when we realized that this day would actually come, we planned it completely full! 
But, if you know us, what really ends up happening is that we go out, get frassled and nag in the car on the ride to where ever we have, do the first couple things we had planned for the day, get bored and hungry after a couple hours and realize we forgot to plan in eating time, .. and so we always simple cut throat all the other activities and chores we had planned for the day and become utterly lazy. :) All we want to do is go home, pull on the comfiest, biggest sweats we own, and sit on the couch together. 

Oh yea. 

We're that couple! :D

No, we're so not that bad. But today we were. And so home we went to catch a little bit of ESPN sports (I hate being married - I'm actually starting to be able to comment on the news from my knowledge gain) and lounged around before we were going to head off to Chili's for dinner. 

So off to Chili's we went :D

Had ourselves a healthy serving of beer before we realized that we forgot to decide who's driving :P. Don't wooorry. I only had one beer and N drank the rest of mine. It was totally fine :) Our initial reaction was funny though. 

These cheese fries were the most amazing thing of my life. Besides the jalapeƱos I devoured a humble half of that platter. N just smiled at me. 

Just like that. :)
The day was fantastic! And isn't even quite over yet. We have Salt which we've been wanting to see in ages hot and ready by the tv and a cabinet stocked full with candy. All we need now is B to be off work and we can start the evening! :D 

xo . jess


  1. Oh how I love Chilis! Their chips and salsa which I always end up getting a side of ranch to dip them in. It sounds like you had a perfect little date day :)


  2. I'm glad you lasted longer then that one beer Jess ;-) Jk jk. You know I love you. Ivy and you will totally get along well when it comes to drinking lol

  3. Awww you guys are such an adorable couple!

  4. now that i am back from my trip to california, i am definitely ready for a date night with the husband. i am thinking of the movies- either black swan or true grit.
    looks like you guys had fun :)

  5. Courtney I heard that black swan is amazing!! But .. same for True Grit so :) I guess take your pick :P

    Thank you Mel :) and yes, Erin, they are fantastic!! Ryan, you shut your mouth and Kate I think I had three baskets of chips just to myself :P