Sunday, January 09, 2011

Diagnosis: Paranoia.

I love you guys. And because I do, I'm advising you now, with a warm hand on your shoulder, that in the event you should be feeling a little ill or experiencing some weird symptom that you've never had before (like I have been for the past two days), if you're a girl, wouldn't hurt to double check the baby thing first, but whatever you do
don't Google your symptom. 

I've been having this weird pain in my chest and throat, more like, esophagus really, because it's much lower than when you say "sore throat" and I simply cannot figure out what's up. Did I get something stuck and it's actually tearing a bit at my esophagus and it's inflamed?! Is it anxiety???
Can't be the last one if you ignore the fact that I sort of woke up and left my brain under the covers today, and I've actually had pain when swallowing. 
So, off to Google I go.
And what does it tell me? Something that includes all my symptoms that basically just means you swallow like an idiot and when you do so it hurts. Oh yea, and bad teeth can cause it. 


Really funny. I'm so gonna have dentures by the time I'm 30. Email me if you would like to place your bets. 

Aaaanyway. It was a blah Sunday. But a beautiful one I'm sure. Supposedly some arctic winter front checked in late last night and tucked us into the prettiest white blankets this morning. It was soo pretty. Everything white. 
Like in Home Alone when they show the house perfectly peaceful on Christmas morning :) But for me, a snow hating weekend worker, got to make myself presentable and steer my little two door Chevy down I-25. It really wasn't bad and work wasn't that trying either. I was just in a mood.  

And so, I leave you with this little gem. Sorry, you're getting all my attractive sides tonight, including confusedmoddyJessica who doesn't really know how to explain things lately so she just agrees with this: 

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  1. Haha I love this post Jess. It's so true to not google symptoms. You might end up thinking you have 8 different diseases and your pregnant.

    I googled someone elses symptoms not too long ago and didn't like what I found out. Eventually though, I could write this post ...