Saturday, April 03, 2010

Beware the Easter Bunny

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm back! Ugh I hate when I get so busy that I cannot even keep up my readers on the exciting things going on in my life every day. I'm sorry! I know you were dieing without my witty and ever interesting blogs. I'm back now ok?? Life was a little crazy this week..and even though I've got lots of drama to blog about (I'm sorry..but I have to let it out somewhere!?) I'm going to hold that in for another couple of days, because I had a fantastic evening last night with the lovely mrs moore and my mamacita who ordered yummy chinese food and let me vent a little bit, and wish you all a happy easter weekend instead!!

I know I have a few followers like ms nutty brunette that has some German experience, but for those of you that don't..Easter in Germany is way more fun than here. First off, everyone get's Karfreitag off..which over there is "Good Friday". Then, not only does everyone get together all weekend, sits around with beer, delicious food with friends, there is also NO scary Easter Bunny that you can go and visit at some mall!! least there wasn't when I was if they've adapted that by now I don't care.
But a little insider - I will NEVER take my children to go see some creepo in a big overused pink costume and let my kids go sit on his lap.

And no. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am scared to death of people in costumes where I can't see their face. Not at all. I simply think it's gross. And a little over the top.

So without further opiniated rambling, I hope you all have your pretty little Easter dresses already laid out for tomorrow and have a



  1. haha that comic at the end is HILARIOUS and oh so wrong! lol. Happy Easter to you, too, my love!