Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things I Hate

Miss Classy in Philadelphia kind of read my mind this morning by posting or venting about a few things she hates this morning. Then, after realizing that I am not alone in this hole I'm in after reading about a week from hell Kaitlyn @ Ambition Never Goes Out of Style had and also that my life is completely parallel to the Nutty Brunette's chaotic mess :) I think a morning of venting would do as all a little good! :) So please..keep the venting going if you'd like.

1. When people are unhappy with their life that they end up taking it out on you. This just creates unnecessary drama, misunderstandings, and ... oh yes STRESS :( I don't understand why we all just can't get along and help each other be there and get through the stress. Instead we just create more shittiness and stress for each other!? No. Not cool.

2. That the day I've been dreaming about my entire life is starting to become this negative, ueber stressful thing! I understand weddings are stressful and can make life a little difficult, but I don't agree that it should be this all around negative thing?! (More details to come, as this is something I've been needing to vent about for abt a week) but honestly, I am the most relaxed, don't-care bride that was willing to make everyone as happy as I could within reason, make people a part of the day if they really wanted to, and people just continue to shit on me. And I'm just about done.

3. Going to work on a Sunday. Even though I love my job and once I'm there I forget it's Sunday and I have a good day anyway..when I don't have to work till noon (like today) and have the morning to sit around, watch Big Bang, drink coffee, eat too much for breakfast, and be lazy..the last thing I want to do is get myself up, showered and head to work :( boo!

4. Putting money into my car. Most of you know this and have read about my disliking of having to put money into my car over and over again. But especially right now..when shit just keeps happening!? At the beginning of the year I was overdue for an oil change, so I went and left with the car man auto mechanic dude telling me I needed new tires. So I came back 2 weeks later for that and left with the same dude telling me I needed new breaks (could ya NOT have told me that in the first place?). So I waited a bit too long until my car sounded like it was going to fall apart mid drive, went, and left with a different dude telling me I'd need a flush soon (and WHY did you not just do that then and there?). That was last Wednesday. So last night I'm guiltily (?) driving through the Wendy's drive through and the nice window man tells me "Did you know your headlight is out? I just got a ticket last week..didn't know if you knew" W.T.F??????????????


  1. Blahhhhh for us having annoying days! I'm glad you felt the need to post though too :)

  2. Oh man, I totally agree with you on the first point - why can't they sort out their life or find another way to deal with it, rather than make everyone else feel bad!

    Hope your rant made you feel a bit better. :)

  3. Thanks again Jess..that was perfect timing. And P, hello :), I couln't have said it better myself. And it sure made me feel better thank you.