Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, She Found Me

After this day I had..what I would like to say to help myself feel ten times better about myself: "Monday, you're such a fucking bitch."

I am truly sorry if that very bold and a bit vulgar statement disturbed you or makes you want to click away from my lovely pink blog page. A little insight about me - I'm famous for my manic Monday episodes. But I haven't had one like I had yesterday in quite some time. It was fairly interesting I should say.

You know those days where your waterworks are just turned on all damn day? Yup. That was me. Starting even at midnight the night before when N and I were going to bed. I thought "Oh I'll sleep it off, wake up and have a nice Monday off with N. Oh no. Not the case. After I woke feeling like a nice choo choo chain had over run me it took about .25 seconds for the waterworks to come flooding back.

Why you might ask? Oh I have no idea. :) Like always. I mean, I could tell you what I was whimpering about..but that's for another post :) Because I have been soooo excited to post about the great success I had, thanks to everyone that helped, pulling off Nick Surprise Birthday Party!!! :D

I know I have been pretty MIA from the blogging scene. I kept finding time to get on and at least keep up with every body else's postings, but couldn't get to sit down to do my own and I hate when I get that busy. So bare with me if this one is a little rambly and boring :) I was so busy getting last minute things for the party and with work..got a little crazy!

So anyway..with the first Saturday off in awhile N and I had a great weekend with family and friends! :)
My sister and brother teasing each other on the couch with my sister's bf Dylan being very much entertained.

I had quite the cake debacle let me tell you - FYI - ice cream cakes go in the freezer. Not the fridge. FYI ;)

N's darling grandparents :)

N's dad and his younger sister J. They're all a smitten image of one another.


My best man & I :) I miss that kid.

Opening some gifts

N's adorable mom - she likes to dance.

Told you.

My beautiful mom on the left and her best friend..

At the end of the day...

..there sure was a lot of laughter.


  1. I still don't know if I can laugh or cry about it:) I'm amazed at my stupidity sometimes.