Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cereal + Cartoons = Childhood

What a morning! I'm housesitting again as you know and for some reason didn't sleep too well last night..anywho..after I kept tossing and turning starting at 6am I decided to give up, head downstairs to the couch and wake up in peace there.

I grab the remote of the coffee table and wrap myself in the super awesome, hunter green snuggie the lovely miss jenn owns. I switch on the giant tv and start peroozing the channels when I come across the Boom channely by cartoon network. The line up for the next 3 hours includes
The Flintstones,
The Smurfs,
And Dexter's Lab!!!
WHAAAAAAAAT!! Now those are real cartoons! I selected the channel, got up off the couch and crept over to the pantry..there's now way that I would now find cheerios behind that do.....
WOOHOOO! Even better than regular Cheerios, I find a box of Multigrain Cheerios - my fav! This has now become one of the best Saturday mornings I've had in a while.
Crunchy little o's and some milk later I'm back on the couch..snuggled as far back into the cushions as possible, laughing and crunching away in peace and quiet.

What a perfect Saturday morning

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  1. I used to LOVE DEXTER and Scooby Doo!