Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What I Love

It's the second edition of What I Love Right Now !!!
I've decided to make Emma Watson my poster child for my (I think it'll become a monthly) W.I.L. editions. I don't know what it is about that woman - I cannot help myself but to adore the shit out of her, through and through. And since she is a consistant inspiration and admiration (!) of mine, she will be the symbol for what new things I find myself with obsessed with every month.

I would looove it, if you guys participated and linked your comments back to me, so that I can get more inspirations from you - it'll be like a lovely shopping, like it vs love it party for us ladies!
Happy obsessions girls.

  1. First off..I splurged :P on a crips new copy of Lucky magazine to update my knowledge of this months' must haves. As I'm peroozing through the first couple pages I stumble across a two page spread of some very tan girl's long lenghty legs and around her ankles are strapped a pair of trendy, sexy, fun chunky ass wedges that made me stop in my tracks. I MUST own these, the day they hit Target - April 18th ;).
  2. Flower Hippie Headbands! I'm always worried about going to crazy with headbands, cuz let's face it, I look young enough..but after a girl at my work wore this headband one day, I just couldn't get over how freaking adorable it is! And since I saw Alice last month, I'm completely stuck on anything spring/floral/girly inspired. Including this headband. I want to wear it every day!
3. Anything Liberty of London from Target!! A few years back there was a designer for Target, probably one of the first ones..and I loved the line..however..that was until Liberty came along and filled my world with amazing florals..feminine shapes..and lots and lots of frilly goodness. If you haven't been to MUST go! basically satisfied my craving for wanting to look like Alice in Wonderland in all her floral goodness..and because I've boughten way to many items from this line..I decided to just include a picture of the line.
4. My big fat, wooden cocktail ring I scored at H&M last month in Seattle. I couldn't find an image of it..but it sorta looks like this one so it'll work. I just love the simplistic glamour it add to your outfit almost instantly. It works as a stand out accent for a night out and adds to your accessories..or it can be the single item of a laid back, brunch with girls, kind of outfit.


  1. I love the idea of this feature!! And, I think you should definitely do it at least monthly. :-)

    Today I'm loving:

  2. Thank you for linking up!! :) I think this will definitely become a monthly thing :) Maybe even a bimonthly just for you and me who could do it weekly. Alright daily.