Friday, April 30, 2010're here! :)

So I realized this morning coffee cup in going a thousand directions as I'm passing my laptop sitting quietly on my desk that I have not blogged all week. Since my Tuesday post which was really about the weekend and my shitty Monday. This tells me that it's been another one of those blink weeks that go by faster than you can wake up the next morning..because when my alarm went felt like it was still Tuesday - not 3 days later.

I'm supposed to be working on this last minute paper that's due sometime today..but I really don't feel like it. :) So I'm going to blog. Maybe by doing so I'll remember what actually happened this week. Like always, Friday means squat to me. My fridays are usually always Mondays because I work tomorrow and Sunday and have Monday off :) Which considering my relationship with Monday works out pretty decently. Oh and let's not forget to all participate in Fill in The Blank Friday! :) I haven't done that in ages. Now if it was only sunny out :P just kidding - let's stick to staying positive today or I'll never survive.

First on the agenda: after a tedious and hard year my friend Bri is coming home! Well..her home is in California..but home is where the heart is..and I'm going to boldly speak for her when I say that her heart is here! :P I know I already posted a mini blog about this, but it's turning out that she is coming out earlier and that is even more exciting. She is going to stay with me and N to start out with..get her resettled this poor girl has to have shoulder surgery, because she's a little ball of energy and hurt herself surfing (i think :P) so I'm going to spend my Monday off getting her room all ready for her.
I missed Glee this week. Poop. I must remember to catch up on that over the weekend.

Oh let's see what else..

It's pretty certain but not yet official that I'm moving to another store in June at my work! This is very exciting and nervwracking to me :P But I'm more excited I think. I had a great interview with our regional manager yesterday. For some reason I just don't get nervous about interviews. I never have...I actually kind of enjoy them. Maybe it's because I love talking about myself :P but I hope I'm not that vain and self centered so I'm going to ignore that that might be the reason :) Or maybe it was because I was more excited about getting the opportunity to meet this important person..because I do at some point want to progress with the company and I knew I wasn't going to be heartbroken if it wasn't the right time for the promotion. However, as my life is notorious for doing this the way it wants and leaving my thoughts of out decided now was the time. My district manager called back with great news telling me that in June I will be moving to the new store opening in downtown Denver and not to forget that the rm loved me (what is with me this morning? in love with yourself much, Jessica?) But anyway..she hasn't spoken to my manager..and things aren't I don't want to talk about it much more..and the chance is my manager might be reading this anyway :) hi j. big news! :P

Moving on..other exciting news..I finally launched my wedding blog!! I thought about just incorporating it here..but then I played with a layout for it and thought of fun DIY series I could do and the blog was born :) If you love everything weddings like me, follow along! And stay tuned for DIY Mondays. The series will be launching for the first time May 3rd I believe is the day!
There are some news about the wedding this week, but because I'm keeping it separate :) You'll have to follow this link to read all about it. It's quite fun :) My bridezilla came out a bit. I'm starting to understand why brides can get a little bitchy. People just do not like when there is one day of out the year when they have to accept it's about someone else and not them. :)

I think that's about it for now. I'm excited to go participate in Fill In The Blank Friday! But before I go I have to show you the new trinket I scored at work yesterday.
We've had tons and tons of owl jewelry over the past 4 months..actually since I started there. And it was cute..but never really something I had to own..until :) we got a new necklace in yesterday and I'm totally smitten with it. And of course..there's no image of it online. :P So I guess you don't get to see it.

Well kids..have a HAPPY FRIDAY! Be good this weekend and I hope wherever you are there's sunshine .. ♥


  1. <3 home is where my friends are!

  2. where is the new store opening? the one on 16th street?

  3. Hello Miss, just had to tell you that your blog layout is gorgeous... Kinda sorta fell in love with it.


    Hannah Katy

  4. Yes Kaitlyn - it's going into the old Virgin Mobile store.