Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Sweet Hopeful

I have today off again - I have to say again, but even though it was a crazy week last week, it went by so fast that now that I have 5 minutes to relax and breathe, I can appreciate my time with N and with him the world just tends to slow down a bit.

That has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world.
So anyway, after taking him to school this morning so he could check on his weird bacteria growing in his lab..grabbing a quick breakfast..I looped back around the get him and we headed to look at the houses we are looking into buying at the moment.

Turns out the one we absolutely fell in love with the first time we looked is totally out of our price range, and the only ones we could afford were the two we liked the least. However, when we saw those two they weren't done on the inside and so we basically just saw the floorplan. This time around they were and we re-fell into love with one of the two and are now excited all over again.

The house has 3 upstairs bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own bathroom and 2 walk in closets - score! and with the finished basement we'd chose, there'd be a 4th bedroom and 3rd bathroom with an adjacent entertainment room, perfect for our projector and slouchy couches so we could create our own movie/gaming room; the front door opens up into a front family room on the main level, continues up kitty stairs into the dining and kitchen area (which is beautifully open and has a big island in the middle -score 2) and curves around down kitty stairs into a living room with fireplace and beautiful open wide windows overlooking the backyard. Score score score!!
It's so beautiful and perfect and the best first home we could ever think of owning. We are so happy that we were able to replace the first one we loved with one that we might love even more. Now all we have to do is sit down, budget bills vs income, make a few calls, cross our fingers and hope that we can get approved!

Not like we have anything else to worry, stress, and sweat about. Wedding things aren't looking to hot right now. We're getting really discouraged and a little sad, because even though we are aware that weddings are stressful, we don't want it to be this negative thing, that we don't know if we can even pay for it the closer and closer it get's to the actual wedding?! So..besides crying and freaking out our plan is to completely get the wedding thing sqared away, aka figure out once and for all if we can pay for it, and if not, we will cancel it. We have no other choice, and even though neither of us want to go through with that plan at all, it's the only way we see out.

Until the details of all these things pan out, we can only wait, comfort each other when the stress bubbles over, and be hopeful.


  1. good luck with the house hunting <3 it sounds amazing!

  2. Thank you :) wish you were here for me to take you and show you!