Monday, April 19, 2010

That's It! My fourth tattoo.

For awhile, since my third tattoo from a little over a year, I have been craving for another. I don't think I've ever talked about my tattoos, so I'll quickly catch you up on my ink ;)

My first tattoo was a somewhat short but never regretted decision. N and my best friend Jana went to California the summer of 2006, while Jana was visiting the US for 3 months. Nick, Jana and I decided basically on the plane there, we decided that we were all going to get tattoos while we were out there.
So on the last day, Jana got three stars from a lower back up to the middle of her back (she already had one of the three), Nick got a cross between his shoulder blades (also his second tattoo), and I got my first tattoo of a white lily on the inside of my ankle so I would always remember that trip and what it represented: youth, friendship, and love.
Later on, the black kept fading really fast and so I had it colored in.

My second tattoo came after a very trying and challenging year for me emotionally and mentally. N and I split up for nearly 6 monts, were not very nice to each other and did some things we will always reget, and I had a very hard time discovering myself. And so, at the beginning of 2008 I told myself that if I got three A's and a B that semester, after a barely C average the previous semester, I would get a tattoo of a sunflower on my neck to reflect the saying to always find the good in any situation, like the sunflower always finds and turn her head towards the sun. Well a small sunflower on my upper neck turned into a giant sunflower the size of a palm on my lower neck/upper back.
And my third tattoo is a family key I got matching with my sister Dina, best friend Jana, and cousin Kyra. I don't have any images of it yet, but as soon as I do I'll post one. It's a simple key with a heart shaped head. Dina & Kyra got theirs on their upper backs, between their shoulder blades, Jana got hers on the side of her ribs, and I got mine on my left wrist.

I have been wanting another one ever since, because it truly is, like they say, addicting. I have known that my next one was going to be a symbol for N & I. I had played with the ideas of a favorite quote of mine, or our wedding date numbers, our initals together, or the word "schatz" in really cursive. Like with my previous tattoos, once I know what I want I spend the next 6 months thinking about the perfect location on my body for it. I love showing off my tattoos, but in a tasteful way and I still like to have it in somewhat sexy/appealing spot.
So some of these areas that I've been thinking about were either next to or worked into the key on my wrist, or on the top/side part of my foot, or my latest thought was on the inside of my lower arm, close to the inside of my elbow.
That was until I came across an image tonight that made me stop dead. I know that is the spot for my next tattoo and it will be the quote I've thought about getting.
Right here, mine will say "I am, in every thought of my heart, yours."
I cannot wait! I am so excited. I am making an appointment tomorrow.


  1. I cannot wait to see pictures of your latest tattoo...I love the location! I love tattoos and the stories behind them, but so far I've been too scared to get one of my own. I know what I'd get and have a general idea of where, but I'm not ready to commit to it yet. lol. That, and I honestly think my dad would rage if I got one.

  2. I love that spot for a tattoo! SO CUTE! I want one too now!

  3. Thank you!! I'll post them as soon as I get it!! :D
    It won't be long.

  4. I LOVE that spot!!! Don't hate me if I copy and get something there, too!!!