Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm in a real funk kids. Big time. I'm so moody lately. Unmotivated. Lazy. Tired. And just wanna work almost. Just sleep, and work. It's weird. And every night I sit down in my chair or on the couch or hop up on my bed with laptop in hand ready to blog a little. And then I just end up sitting here, getting distracted with the tv, or Facebook (embarrassing I know :P blogger is so much cooler) and nothing comes. And then sometimes the second I sit down I get tired and I just wanna go lay down.

It's sooooo blaaah! And I apologize, if you've only been following this blog recently, it has been seriously, boooring in littmssunshine's place. I promise, just go look back at my archive, the saaame thing happened last year - I was on a big blogging spree, posting almost everyday and then I go into this huuuge slump in February/March and hardly blog, well, I think it's that time of year when I sort of come out of my winter blues.

I'm a true believer of the short term slight depression/anxiety period of time some people call "winter blues". But the happy part about this post, is that I've now realized it's happy time! I'm thawing from the winter so to speak. Spring is just around the corner (on some 80 degree days it feels it went straight to summer!) and I'm thawing right along.


  1. ohh i definitely have the winter blues too! a week ago it was still strait blizzards, and now its FINALLY starting to warm up. i can feel my optimism and energy rising!

    here's to sunshiney days ahead! :)

  2. spring IS around the corner. thank god. i really think this is a weird time of year for people's emotions. :( soon it will be summer, though. nice for getting outside & taking photos- yay!

  3. I couldn't agree more! Especially since n and I have been entertaining the idea of moving downtown :)) Every time I drive home from work in the afternoon and it's nice out I imagine how cool it'd be to go for a photo taking adventure if I only lived dt :)