Sunday, March 13, 2011

a perfect sunday.

It has been crazy weird the past couple of days. My day's direction is completely backwards and upside down and I feel like it has been the looongest weekend ever! Usually, you'd expect that to be a good thing. Which it is in this case too, it's just a weird feeling knowing, that you only had one day actual weekend day off and your weekend really wasn't that long. Don't worry, I think I just confused the heck out of myself too.

Anyway, today was great. Even though I felt like a truck hit me when N woke me at 7:30, but it was really 8:30 and I felt like I was late for something not realizing that it was for my day off (!!) until suave mr.ray kisses me on the forehead and heads to work. Luckily, I had the coolest 2 year old toddler at my house that kept me company drawing in her coloring book next to me on the couch, snuggling with me, playing again, braiding my hair and snuggling again, and so on and so on, while my lazy ass laid around and watched almost 2.5 hours of the Toy Story marathon on the Disney Channel - hollaa!-

At 1:30 I had finally woken up for the day and felt motivated enough to throw on my skinny pants, a white tank and oversized sweater (complete with my white and grey heart patterned keds!) hopped in my car and drove 15 miles to the next town to a consignment store called The Buffalo Exchange. Almost an hour later I earned $110, spent $105, and earned $5 ( minus the $1 for the chocolate frosty on the way home). Not to mention
these fucking fabulous pieces   richer!!!

sorry for the vulgarity. but i love these pieces!

very Zoey Deschanel. ♥ 

To the Max by Max Azria mauve colored dress

backview hard to see but has a framing pink seam. I'm in love. 

simple yet sexy royal blue dress H&M

very flattering sinched shoulders. 

I just hear my sister's "youlookgoodbutyourstyleissoweird" voice

I'm sorry. I just can't help but LOVE it!! (farmer's market, dinner on pearl street, or a day trip to foco..hello??? I'd be crazy not to own this. Of course, with cowboy boots. This is Colorado people)

i'm girly. have ya noticed?

ugh. you're gonna think I'm totally nuts. 

i just could nooot get myself to pass up these aaamazing high waisted shorts. 
I couldn't. (they have black wedges + black tank on a hot Rio margaritas kinda night, written aaall over them)


I know this is a little random, but I came to one very important and crucial realization tonight: 

I don't like raisins. 

I don't like cookies. 

But give me




and make

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

and I can devour almost an entire box. 
Like this evening. 

(I told you this was a perfect Sunday)

xo . jess 


  1. I am totally jealous! I want it all love!!! sounds and looks like a perfect Sunday to me. :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. very cute finds. i love the blue dress and the first top.

  3. Hey girl! The first two are my favorite. Perfect choices!! :)


  4. Its been a loooong time since I had anything cool enough to trade in @ Buffalo Exchange )-: