Tuesday, March 22, 2011

70 degrees in march.

this is my car. it has looked like that for weeks now. day after day, i'm always running late for work, hate what i'm wearing (yet still posted it on my tumblr. for all to see), and am snacking on something because i skipped breakfast. harvest cheddar sunchips instead of vanilla yogurt & granola??? I.E.W.

then, on Sunday evening (on my way home from work - I could swear I never leave that place) which was also technically my "friday" if you know what I mean, i thought to myself "oh yeah..I gotta remember to post those pictures I took and love of mine and n's day off .... (when i realize) which was ..foour days agoo????" so..my sense of date and time has just sort of left me lately. 

who the hell wants to read about something from four days ago?? or do they? i swear, college gave me "deadline anxiety" like maad. I was the world's worst (best?) procrastinator in college. 

but that's neither here nor there. 

then yesterday (when I had STILL gotten up at 6:20am to be at a w.o.r.k. meeting at beautiful 8am for two hours ON my day off) i decided that it had to end. chaos, you are gettin the fuck out! i can't take it no more. no uh. 

i hope you can forgive me one more time for no hair.too(s)day today. i know it's been forever. i've had some great ideas (and a new haircolor) in the mean time so look forward to next week! 
I'll make a fresh start tomorrow, but for now..let me share you those pictures from one of my favorite days' off with n in a while :)

(tweeted this) my favorite thrift find & aviators. 

talked the boys into lunch at nick n' willy's 

n of course playing that game i never know how to play. 

he ♥ puzzles

♥ mr. & mrs. 

my new comfort food: honey on pizza. o.m.g. thanks a lot j. 

it was 70 degrees in march. 


  1. I looooove honey on pizza, especially Beau Jo's 'za! :-) These warm temps are causing some chaos in my work life, but it's heavenly in my personal life.

  2. I know you love the warm weather Jess, but it's really too warm for CO in March!! We need the snow soo bad :-( Next time you go to Nick and Willys you better invite me. I haven't been there since high school when I used to drive all the way from my school to there, just to have lunch with Gary, Evan, Nick, & Ty.