Sunday, March 27, 2011

How did I end up back here? Snuggled into my bed turnedhugedeskslashcouch, with the chills and a stuffy nose?? I'm gonna try and not to mention the headache I've been trying to forget about, because nothing else, helps. The worst thing is, is that I don't really get stuffy noses. My ears clog! So it's as if my ears are congested and someone's holding them shut. It's awesome. Let me tell you. But lemme quit bitchin and get back to the vintage finds I owe you still.

Rewind to Friday afternoon, which seems like a week ago, and Que this girl treating herself to the best mani and pedi around with her bff J in tow. I always think we're rude, because from the second we sit down in those chairs next to each other we just start yapping with no end. But whatev..sometimes, everyone gets annoyed with small talk, and we don't see each other and we've got things to catch up on :)
And so J and I talk all throughout our pedis, manis, through our amaaaahhzing sushi dinner, and on to almost three hours of yapping while overloading our cart at the local thrift store. It's okay if you're thinking these girls are crazy. We understand each other :)

Well, one fabulous Friday night later, I'm these 8 beautiful pieces richer.

this first amazing dress, is floor length and this rich rich red with a beautiful paisley/floral design. At first I didn't think it'd be my style, and I have to have it altered (without the belt the waist swallows me) but once I put it on J and I just gave each other that "yup" look. 

J brought almost 6 different blazers in with us! :D But I can't deny, that girl sure knows how to find a beautiful oatmeal colored, light weight, cropped sleeve blazer to add to my collection :) I now have a blazer family of 12. 

A new unexpected of mine is this mustard yellow fitted grandpa cardigan. More pictures to come because I will be wearing this adorable knit this week, for sure :) Watch on my tumblr. for it. 

I already wore this slightly oversized vintage (serious grandma) blouse with delicate detail paired with skinny blue jeans and mary jane heels. 

Again, serious grandma pale pink blouse that I can't wait to wear with tailored shorts and a white tank :)

This might be a new addition to my top 3 favorite thrift finds, it's so cool. But for now this is all I'm showing you, because I think it needs some serious debuting. I'm thinking Easter outfit? :)

What else could a girl want besides a taupe colored skinny waist belt? ♥ 

Then, on our way out, trustworthy J finds this ..

a classic Dooney & Burke in basically perfect condition. 
We couldn't leave her there :)

We are seriously considering quitting our day jobs and becoming full time vintage clothing searchers, buyers and sellers :P Maybe an etsy shop to start?? :P 

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. 
Can't wait to read up on your adventures tomorrow. 

xo . jess


  1. Um, I want a thrifting date with you. I have dreams of becoming an awesome thrifter, but so far it hasn't happened. I want that blazer and the purse! Nicely done, my dear. :-)

  2. you pull of Grandma Chic better than anyone I know! haha