Saturday, March 26, 2011

bunny colors.

I'm getting sick again and it's been a weird weekend. That's my statement for tonight and I'm sticking to it :) I knew after the craziness with work lately, that if I didn't get myself some vitaminn C..I'd for sure get sick. And voila! All it took was a couple sick people at work and lack of sleep and I have a sore throat and chills. Whoopii.

So that's why I'm getting sick. Legit I think.

Now on to why this weekend is weird. I've had most of it off, but in a weird way..because I had yesterday off and it was a perfect day off, much like any cool weekend day, but I plan on sharing with you more later, so we'll leave the rest of that for your imagination till then :) Let me just say, it included the best thrift store adventures I've had so far (same thing goes for the finds I scored!)

But unfortunately I am feeling like big time kacka tonight, and I'm spending tomorrow shooting my best friend's engagement photos (IIEEK!!) And so, I'm sharing a little snapshot of my brand spankin new beee-awesome nail color!! I got the color at the salon, I'll have to go back to look at the name, but it's the perfect easter yet spring shade! LOVE IT.

xo . jess