Monday, March 07, 2011

Come on Over to my Place.

So. I sort of love to do girly things. Well okay. That was nothing we didn't already know. But I looooove to do hair and make up. Alright. So we already knew that too, but I'm not gonna lie..sometimes the thought of attending some certain schoolage for this for quiet some of these curiosities..I love to make a big deal about doing other's hair and make up. 

It's the most calming thing. I could spend all day doing hair and make up one after another. I'm serious. So serious that I insisted on spending the morning of my wedding day doing all of my 6 bridesmaids' full make up and hair including my mom's and friend Sena's. Everyone asked me up until the very last minute if I was absolutely sure I wasn't going to be stressed and wanted to book a professional instead. But I knew that doing this would keep me calm, entertained, and enjoying myself vs freaking out and stressing. Maybe it's a little bit of controllness (?), but it's more about that fact that physically applying someone else's make up and getting creative with their locks is simply amazing. :-P 

So anyway, lemme get off my soap box here..and share with you these lovely random shots of my selection all laid out for my sister Julie last Thursday so she could come over and pick out accessories and jewelry and have me teach her how to do a smokey eye. Even though I got way into teaching her all the important steps of painting yourself a jet black smokey eye that I sort of forgot to take any pictures and can't really share the steps with you like I had planned. Alas, I only have pictures of my jewelry to share with you :P

I'm such a girl. 

chunky necklaces.

ring collection.

my studs. 

the beginning of a very successful smokey eye. I'll raincheck you. ;)

xo . jess


  1. LOVE your jewelry organization, woman! also, I'm new to Twitter - come follow me so I can follow you! @MandeeFoFandee

  2. I love your necklace holder thingamajig. :)
    I wish I could do hair better - I wear it up, with a side part, pretty much every day. Lol. It's quick and easy.

    Cute blog layout! ;) I like the background.

  3. being a girl is fun. i am no good at hair and makeup. i say, if you like it that much you should definitely go to school for it. have you ever thought of taking classes at the aveda academy?

  4. you missed your calling -- shoulda been a stylist.

  5. Thank you Mandee & Britt. I collect my jewelry organizer from thrift stores and stores like tj maxx ;) they're awesome though! keeps everything so organized.

    Courtney - yes I've thought about it :) I think I'm taking this year to reflect on my next step, because I actually am an education girl like you :)) but I'm trying to figure out if that's my true calling!? :) I definitely have the passion and would like to be a teacher one day..but for some reason that urge isn't there right this moment.. . We'll see ;).

    Alaina - never say never! :)

    Thank you for all the love!

  6. I was just thinking the other day that you would make a great professional, makeup, could work in Hollywood or New York...hmmm...(o;