Thursday, July 29, 2010

What do you Mean You Can't turn Left?

Soooo..I believe that I owe you some more Michigan pictures. Alright, I'm not kidding myself. I doubt you're really dieing to see them, but I finally uploaded the last ones to my laptop tonight and besides the fact that I can't believe it's been a week since I left for my sweet ass getaway, I realized how beautiful it was, how much fun I had, and how much I want these next 10 weeks to fly by so I can see N again.

(On a side note - I love you guys for never pointing out that I am a horrible sinner of the run on sentence!)

Since there are quite a few left..I'll just shut up and let you guys bask in photo viewing and my ever so witty photo captions!

the view from the lake house

the notebook house (I had to upload this for my sister Julie only)

downtown Oxford

oh the humidity

me time ♥

look it's B!

my dream candy-apple-red-fixer-upper-lake-house

my dream walking-down-the-porch-on-warm-summer-nights-like-these-watching-my-children-play house (absolutely stunning house)

the funny-face house

the lake was this pink. it was amazing.

we are going to have beautiful babies :)

i'm so 23 years old

just a humble home

we are so wearing our designer shades.

i'm saving this picture to show our kids some day
( amazing does my tattoo look? :P)


  1. Fabulous photos! They're making me excited for my trip to MI in September...despite the humidity out there. lol. And, your post title made me laugh so hard! I always, always forget the weird left turn rules in MI until I'm already on the road and slightly frustrated. haha!

  2. haha I got out there and had a big WTF on my forehead every time we'd go right....and then flip a big bitch in the middle of the road :) silly Michigan people :P
    Thank you! I'm glad I gave you a little excitement for your trip. :) :)

  3. what a crazy rule lol! love the pics