Monday, July 26, 2010

Procrastinating. It's What I do

Hi kids.

Well you've definitely done it. Not that I don't love your progress and committment to reading this summer, but I cannot take another post about you much you guys have read this summer!! It's depressing me and making myself want to assign myself into the corner, for being the biggest reading slacker! I don't slack when I read.

Maybe it's my job. No. That's a bad excuse too. Maybe it's the wedding??? Ya. Let's go with that. Everyone loves to blame the wedding for things so I'll hop on that bandwagon for a few stops. Stupid wedding.


So back to the part where I was shaking my finger at you. Thanks. No really. Thank you. I finally got my lazy, procrastinating butt on a plane and spent all 3 hours of my first flight finishing The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and wept the last few chapters. After the second to last chapter I just stopped trying to hied the fact that I was loosing my shit all together. I might have even let go so far that I let out a little sniffle.

Hands down, one of the most beautifully written books I've ever read. With such simple words that painted Nazi Germany in such a way that you actually feel how it was like to live in the grey area of that time, faced with confusion, humanity, and love. Brilliantly written as well as life changing; I absolutely recommend it for those that have an interest for holocaust and Nazi Germany stories - this is one of my favorites.

And because I couldn't lose my momentum, I just sort of snuck in 2 new books I picked up at the local grocery store of all places, so I have no chance of losing my "I heart reading again" streak. Thank gosh they had a pretty decent selection and of course grocery stores always sell those bestsellers, because I picked up a copy of Eat Pray Love which I refuse to see in theaters until I've read the book and one that I quite possibly might have shoved a cute little toddler out of the way for, by Audrey Niffenegger called Her Fearful Symmetry. It is her latest I believe since The Time Traveler's Wife which we all know is this girl's favorite book of all time. Plus the cover quote told me "Niffeneger lovers will not be able to put this down" so I had to get it.


But I really haven't been able to put it down. That woman is just so freaking fantastic at writing. I will keep you updated on my thoughts about it. And my continued progress to show you ladies there's a new book nerd in town. :) Jk - you know I wish we could all just group hug :P

Alright, enough..who talks like that? Group hug. I'm sorry. I'm beyond delirious from my shotgun trip to MI this weekend - of which I still owe you two days' worth of report and images. Promise that'll happen tomorrow.

And I'll stop calling you kids.
And I'll never talk about group hugs again. I apologize.
Group hug. Damnit!


  1. haha well I'm glad I helped piss you off enough to make you pick some books up! I hope you adore Eat, Pray, Love! I know I did!

  2. Her Fearful Symmetry is amazing! I read it while I was back in Boston in February and if it weren't for my uncle, I probably would've holed up in his house reading rather than visiting my beloved city. haha! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  3. Now I'm super excited to keep reading it! :)