Thursday, July 15, 2010

N's Being Whiny

I think this week is all about featuring various people I love on my blog :) Like N, who's been complaining about the fact that I've never directly blogged about him and after I dedicated an entire blog post to J and then Amy & Jordan the other day he got especially whiny :) 

Then I was just going through some more of my editing and found a couple snapshots my friend Billy took of N and me at the wedding this weekend :) And even though I'm soo tired and have to get back up for work in oh..5 hours..this will be my first, small, humble post dedicated to N. 

I promise there will be another schatz. ♥

this one's my favorite ♥

I miss you like crazy schatz. I can't wait until we can be together every day again. Let's just hope it comes sooner than later. Even if it's not until we are married :) Then we can just completely start new and twice as happy! (How cheesy is this?) :) But I don't care. 

I miss you. So big. :)

1 comment:

  1. oh tell N to cool it! haha. It's soooo obvious and overtly apparent by your posts how much you love and adore him. Even if he isn't the theme of the posts, he's certainly featured in many of them :)