Friday, July 02, 2010

Unblocking the Blockage

I have to stop. I have got to just get through it so that maybe my blogging abilities will come flowing back to me. I haven't blogged in weeks! I haven't kept up on anything that has been going on in my life and I forced myself to participate in Lauren's FITB this morning and happend to look over at my archives and almost fell over! I only blogged 12 times in June?? That's outrageous. 

Sorry life, but you have got to be less demanding than that. I can't even keep up with blogging about you, let alone dealing with you so I'm putting my foot down. 


Unfortunately, if I just hopped right back in, you'd just have a lot of WTF's bobbing around your head so I see no other way. I have to give you the bulleted run down. So put those seatbelts on and let's get it over with. 
  • First off a biggie: N has moved to Michigan in order to restart his business out there. If things go well, I will follow after, after the wedding early October. So far he's loving it out there and sends me pictures all the time. At first I was super hesitant towards all this, but.. You're always supposed to leave when you're having the most fun, right? 

  • Wedding things are more than overwhelming. So much so, that we really wish we could just elope at this point. My dad has informed me he definitely won't be coming. And now my best friend and cousin from Germany that were supposed to be my bridesmaids probably can't make it :( Along with other things that are just making the whole thing..stressful. 

  • Work is good. But this last week - shit! :P I really love my job and I couldn't ask for a greater team (-wait till you see the pictures from my surprise bachelorette party!) but we all work so freaking hard and continually get shit on. So it's hard lately to stay motivated. 

  • I have finally settled into my new apartment. My room is also beautiful and I've filled it with amazing thrifting treasures that will make you drool. Alright, maybe not drool. :) Makes me drool! (Pictures soon, I promise)

  • I definitely want extensions. (alright now I just might start to babble) :) Gross, right!? But I reeeeeaaaally hate my short hair and it's starting to get into that shitty "growing out" phase and I have no patience for it. :( Any suggestions? I just want the really good clip in kind. Jessica Simpson makes good ones I've heard. So not the more permanent kind. Just something to give me a "carry over" so it can grow out without driving me crazy all the time :) 

Alrighty..well. I feel better. Hope you feel better too :) It's good to be back! (Don't you love that I spared you from my endless babbles?) I think I did pretty good. 

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