Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday

This is a salute to those of you who are reading this at your desk on Monday morning..trying to get over the fact that another weekend has gone by and you are back at your desk, cubicle, or wherever else you are currently finding yourself, and realizing that it is once again - Monday.

I do hope you all made it safely to work for those of you who are residing in Colorado and are braving the late snow we are experiencing. I personally cannot stand it! I am ready for spring, having to wear no jackets or boots...I'm ready to box up those puppies for the season! is 3:17am and I am just now getting ready to dream sweet dreams of who knows what (maybe I'll tell you about it later) and just wanted to rejoice a little in the fact that I for once get to spend an entire Monday safely in my cozy bed, from which I have a perfect view of the TV, and am only a few steps away from my laptop, in case I do feel like blogging about what I dreamt. Don't worry fellow cozy Monday comes well deserved after a 9 hour shift working inventory..and I am blogging (or maybe more like bragging!? ) about my cozy bliss that awaits me, simply to help me fall asleep.

Nevertheless, I am hoping that evil Monday will leave me alone for once and that it won't be able to find me hiding under the covers, safe from any annoyingness (?) or trouble that is usually associated with the ever so often cursed day of the week.

So go top off that hot cup of coffee, grab another donut, and get to work! :) I'm gonna go snooze.

(this is what I currently look like - completely fried)


  1. sweet dreams :) I need to be sleeping asap...but I just can't. Boooo.

  2. I don't know how you do it. Working nights screws me up so much. Happy snoozes :)

  3. This just made me smile because I am definitely reading it while sitting at my desk at work...and my drive in this morning was a pain; why can't Coloradans drive in the snow? It's not like we don't get snow every year! Ugh. lol. I hope you're enjoying your much deserved, cozy Monday!