Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's the spoiled bitch now.. I have just completely given up on my Mondays. They will just continue to amaze me week after week. Seriously..can EVERY Monday be shitty?? I guess so.
Don't worry, this won't be a blog about my shitty Monday.
In fact, it will be a blog to let you know that about half way through my day I looked at my manager and said F THIS - we're getting mannis after work!

And so..after I blogged last night about not being a spoiled brat..that I don't often treat myself to mannis and try to do them myself (see previous blog :)) I definitely dragged my manager J (well..not that she was that  reluctant herself) over to get mannis after we got off for some relaxing manni time! I blame Monday - if she wouldn't insist on always being so sucky then I wouldn't always need that lovely 30 minutes of pampering. PLUS..after I spent the weekend curled up in a ball in my bed eating saltines and drinking sprite for 36 hours..I had well deserved it. :) I did!!

So then..on my way home I start to hear the lovely soft hissing noise my breaks have started to make, reminding me ever so gently that they need another very expensive face lift in the near future just as I look down and see that I had chipped a nail no more than an hr after my lovely mani and I realize -

that stupid bitch Monday..she always gets what she wants.

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  1. boo :/ sorry, love! Maybe save manicures for Tuesday, then Monday won't have the last word ;)