Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Hair Take Two

Soo you might remember a small little blog awhile back about me cutting my just wasn't working for me at all. For those of you that don't know I have really wavy/curly hair and without lots of layers my hair just lays flat all day. Like a lazy couch potatoe watching Community College ads and soap operas on tv all day long flat :) And so..even though I was trying to stay good to my budget and just wait it out until my next cut..I couldn't take it any longer and made an emergency appointment yesterday on my way to work.

I ended up being woken up this morning by the hundreds of geese taking flight outside my window this morning (sounds more idyllic than it really is - there just happens to be a big field between my window and the highschool & king soopers across the street :P ) nevertheless it was a pretty refreshing, peaceful way of waking up, compared to the obnoxious ring tones that come out of my phone at 5:30am. However, discovering that I was already running to late my appointment with my wedding planner was not so peaceful. So I hopped out of bed, threw on my day-off-uniform of leggins, flats, cardigan, and my splurged Buckle tablecloth scarf (not to forget my every loved oversized shades) and flew out the door with a list of errands for the day.

I know it might seem a bit redundant and boring blogging about a day of errands, but 1) I'm trying to be really good about my blogging, and 2) I find something really relaxing about spending a day alone with a cup of coffee in my cupholder, Pandora running on my favorite radio station, and a list of things to do for the one, slowly crossing of one things after the other as the day goes on. Maybe it's the fact that I actually spend the day getting done and can come home in the afternoon, balance my checkbook, and know that I got tons of stuff done. It gives me that..come home and put my feet up for the night feeling. :) Might be dorky..but hey - this is still my blog :)

And can I just ask what it is with hair dressers always insisting on just chopping away at your hair even though you said no longer than 3inches please? I love chatting the hour and a half away, but watch it with the snipping lady ( gentleman :) ) I mean..don't get me wrong - I definitely got lucky in that I love my new do..but it is definitely shorter than what we discussed but I still really like it. And I'm still playing with ideas on how I want to wear my hair come wedding day..and so now if I decide that I do want a little bit of length..I still have time to grow it out. :)

totally love the bags :) a bit shorter like Katy Perry wears hers..

Come on..did you really think I'd pass these amazing shades up? :) Or not post this foto after yesterday's blog? I don't think so!

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