Monday, February 08, 2010

Mani/Pedi kinda day

Hello fellow bloggers -
In case you live in the Metro Denver type are probably snuggled up in your bed, thawing from the COLD ASS day we had today, and the so not welcomed snow at the moment. I woke up after spending a night with my love (nothing rated R..just miss sleeping in our bed!) and long story short..I wake up to him having to go to school while it's my day off and realize that I have to leave Fort Collins as quickly as I'd come to go take my car in to have new tires put on.. :( I HATE spending money on my car!'s just an expense I'd much rather use on hot Starbucks and mani/pedis. (Or more cute skirts like the one below :)) However..being that one of my new year's solutions was to be good with money and take care of my belongings..I got out of bed, kissed my very sad fiance bye till Saturday and hit the road. The very snowy scary road :(

Luckily for me :) there happened to be just a cozy little Starbucks and my favorite nail salon ever so closely to the place I was dropping my car off. And so..since my day that was supposed to be spent on the couch with mein schatz taking naps and watching it snow was now RUINED I said - screw the budget - and marched my super warm Target boots through the snow across the street for some searing hot White Chocolate Moccha (extra hot) and slipped into the nail salon for a well deserved mani/pedi :) So even though I missed out on a romantic snuggly afternoon..I actually really enjoyed myself..hanging out with just myself..being pampered. I have to say - I'm not such bad company.

I'll have you know before I let you go to bed that I then even got my ass to the gym where that floating eliptycal machine looking thing kicked my ASS!! And I plan on going bright and early again Wednesday morning :) So the mani/pedi kinda day was well deserved. And I have to add that I felt very responsible and glad that I let my car day have its own spa day :) However..I still had to close my eyes when I had to swipe my card and approve the 267$ charge my car's little spa day cost me. Spoiled bitch :D.

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